A downloadable game for Windows

This is a school based production project, were we built an FPS in 12 weeks.

A single player, fast-paced first person shooter in which the player uses one gun with modifiable attributes. The player is able to allocate points from a pool of energy ("gun juice") into the stats of the weapon during combat. The one-gun, along with above-average character mobility, allows the player to feel out their capabilities and then explore playstyle choices at their own pace through a variety of distinct enemy and level designs. The player is made to feel powerful, but not invincible, and is required to make effective use of their weapon based on the situation to avoid death.

Made during the Champlain College Study Abroad Program in Montreal, Canada of Spring 2016


Ben Powell Francis (@BendyVT)


Brennan Segarra (@BrenJeebus, www.brennansegarra.com)

David Durmazolu

Luca Hibbard-Curto (@PurpleMFTW, www.lucahibbardcurto.com)


Enemy Design and Animations:

Aaron Higgins (https://www.artstation.com/artist/aaronhiggins)

Environmental Art:

Brian Hahn


Gill Popson (@HOTSGames)

Dimitri Kazanecki

Nicholas Fiegel


OneGunBeta.zip 290 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and enjoy